R&D-Field Crops

Agriculture has become challenging day by day in India. It  is obvious we must  supply a growing number of people with food. Higher demand and continuing climate change mean that plants are becoming more and more important as a renewable resource for mankind. Unlocking the potential of plants and leveraging it to tackle the major challenges we face to ensure sustainable farming  – that is the task of our plant breeding.


To achieve these objectives SeedWorks  focuses on Conventional breeding, Resistance breeding , Genomics and Phenomics across all its portfolio crops

Projects - Rice

  • Host Plant Resistance Screening in hot spots – for  BLB, BPH, Standability and Submergence
  • Improved cooking evaluation techniques are being used that include use for DNA markers for amylose content, gelatinization temperature, and RVA profiles
  • High grain yield potential, minimal straw for high yield
  • Improved lodging resistance will receive continued emphasis in all stages of variety development. Efforts will continue to develop improved varieties that have a range of maturity dates with major emphasis placed on early, very early maturity, synchronous heading, and uniformity of ripening
  • RGA (Rapid Generation Advancement) For Rice breeding using simplified biotron breeding system
  • High Out crossing in cms  lines by introgressing the long stigma trait of Oryzalongistaminata
  • Host Plant Resistance Screening under Green House – for BLB, BPH, BLAST

Projects - Cotton

  • Resistance to CLCuV &  Sucking pest
  • High density and synchronous flowering
  • High yield and early maturity
  • Breeding for staple length, fiber strength , fineness of fiber
  • Increased lint to seed ratio
  • Host Plant Resistance Screening under Green House – for White fly and  CLCuD