Product Development

Product Development

Why Product Development

The Product Development Team conducts robust product testing for desired product advancement of best new hybrid seeds for commercial launch, for the respective growing epicenters across India. Comprehensive testing assures that only suited hybrid seeds for the respective growing conditions and soils, are selected.

Essentials of Product Development

  • Our product development team carry out extensive product trials in locations across India to build up an extensive knowledge and understanding of our products and their capabilities. This enables us to have full confidence in our products when we market these to our customers.
  • Trials of new products are carried out in different locations, initially at our Strategic testing stations and later with specialist growers in different regions.
  • Trials are grown the way growers produce their crops commercially, this promotes a more accurate understanding of yield in a commercial field situation.
  • Product Development specialists also work on various other interventions like improvement of income through agronomy efforts like standardizing Nutrient efficiency intake of crop/hybrid, optimizing plant population per acre basis, sowing time windows and application of other inputs etc. The established results of these interventions reach the farmers through sales team and help them to increase the yield and help them grow their income