Webinar on ‘Seed Industry Challenges & How to Overcome’

Gubba Group Ltd, one of India’s biggest cold storages, is conducted a webinar where experts from the seed industry talked about the challenges that the seed industries are facing and in what ways these challenges could be overcome.

In the critical COVID-19 situations, the company has taken out an alternative for a seminar and has gone digital by inviting the seed experts for a Webinar. Some of the experts involved in the webinar were Gyanendra Shukla from JK Agri Genetics Ltd, Raman Rao GV from Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt Ltd, Satish Ganiger from Limagrain India Pvt Ltd, Venkatram Vasantavada from SeedWorks International Pvt Ltd, Venkateshwarlu Yaaganti from Corntech Seeds, and Ram V Kaundinya from Federation of Seed Industry of India.

Gubba Group Limited is a known name in the seed industry as it offers cold storage services across India The Company started off with the distinction of being Andhra Pradesh’s first commercial cold storage and over the years. The company has 25 different chambers to cater to different temperature and rh solutions and is the only cold storage in India to have low, high and normal humidity cold storage.

The webinar is available on YouTube. Please see if this can also be added along with the news

webinar Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgUFHSC2GRg