We care @ SeedWorks- Lead the way, safety today

Pesticides can pose hazards to humans. The severity of a harmful effect or poisoning depends on the pesticide’s chemical makeup and formulation, its path into the body, the amount that enters the body, and the length of exposure. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment, or “PPE”, can greatly reduce the potential for dermal, inhalation, eye, and oral exposure, and thereby significantly reduce the chances of a pesticide poisoning.

We@SeedWorks are engaged in the business of agriculture where the use of pesticides is indispensable. Therefore it is our responsibility to drive safety  in all the areas we operate. Safety at SeedWorks is as important as it is with its external stakeholders too.

SeedWorks Cotton Supply team conducted a training programme to our out grower farmers on using the PPE equipment and its benefits. Our growers welcomed and appreciated the initiatives and are ready for driving the change. It is one of our change initiatives besides training on Good seed and plant practices (GSPP) and handholding our stakeholders throughout the crop life cycle.

A demonstration of our initiatives towards water conservation through drip is also  can be seen in the attached pictures. Our heartfelt appreciation to cotton team for driving the change for sustainable ,safe and water efficient seed production