We are working together to ensure that the world’s agriculture can sustainably feed and nourish humanity and secure livelihoods in the face of a changing climate

GACSA is an inclusive, voluntary, and action-oriented multi-stakeholder platform on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to be a part of the Alliance. Global Alliance for climate-smart Agriculture has approved our membership. We are the first seed company that got membership in the entire Asian region and the first private company in India to confer with the association.

GACSA’s vision is to improve food security, nutrition, and resilience in the face of climate change. It aims to catalyse and help create transformational partnerships to encourage actions that reflect an integrated approach to the three pillars of CSA.

Recognizing the importance of empowering farmers, GACSA facilitates dialogue, knowledge exchange and partnerships through an open, diverse, and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform. GACSA aims to catalyse actions on enhancing agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries practices and systems that sustainably increase productivity, improve resilience and adaptation and reduce/sequester emissions.