Vegetable Business Budget Discussion FY 2021-22

SeedWorks vegetable business team held virtual review FY 2020-21 and budget discussion FY 2021-22, on 15th and 16th of April 2021 in presence of Mr. Venkatram Vasantavada (MD & CEO), Mr. Rajan Narayanan (CFO), Mr. Ajay Juneja (Business Head-VC), Ghanshyam Chandra Singh (Vice President- HR), Dr. Rajasekaran Rajakumar (Associate Vice President-QA), and Mr. Pulkit Mittal (Associate Vice President – Digital Transformation).

The collaborative discussions had active participation of cross functional stakeholders and proved to be a perfect platform to set the tone for coming FY business. The two-day fruitful discussions were solely focused on our approach towards the US Golden Circle – What, Why and How, keeping in view of the key result areas of earlier projects taken up.

Under the organization theme of SPEAR 2022 which reflects upon Sustainability, Productivity, Execution Excellence, Adapt and Resilience, our business unit designed the business theme of Precursor 2022.

In Precursor 2022, we as a team look forward to setting ourselves prepared for the coming year with the appropriate curb and in turn sorting out the best of the business elements. For the preparation process, we stand firm on ethics, courage, and upgradation.  On the Curb point of view, we assure orchestration, resourcefulness, and revelation. And basis these, we will target to sort out the profitability, reward, and spiritedness.

Team committed to put forth the best foot forward to deliver the elements targeted under Precursor 2022 in the larger umbrella of SPEAR 2022.