Tree Plantation @SeedWorks

Tree plantation is very important for maintaining the ecological balance of the environment of the earth. In addition, it renders a good feeling and makes the place worth living. It is the easiest way to beautify the surrounding. Plantations of trees improve the life and fulfil essential needs of mankind. Trees support life by providing habitat to different species such as squirrels, bees and birds and cleanse the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment and releasing oxygen.

This is a good initiative and must be encouraged in order to make people aware about the importance of tree plantation. It is high time that we the residents of this planet, appreciate the importance of tree plantation and start contributing for a greener planet. In 2019 we @ SeedWorks distributed fruit tree saplings to the workers of labs and vegetable plant, to cultivate the habit of tree planting and maintenance by kids.  The plants are well maintained and nicely grown.