Globally, the eco systems are degrading beyond tolerable limits as a result of deterioration of environmental conditions.

Due to Deforestation, Green house gases & Carbon emission, Non degradable plastic waste, exploitation of natural resources and indiscriminate use of chemicals causing rising sea levels and water contamination, melting glaciers , Ozone layer depletion , Acid rains and prolonged drought periods

, posing a major threat to future life of human beings as well as living organisms.

In the sense of protecting environment , “June 5th

World environment day” is being celebrated, to restore mother nature by planting trees.INITIATION BY SEED WORKS :

slogan of the year :


SeedWorks, Production team is taking a part in the Initiative of Tree plantation Programme with a motive towards better & healthy environment in our ecosystem. As a CSR Responsibility, Rice & Cotton Production Teams , Started tree plantation in seed production villages across India.


TELANGANA (Warangal & Karimnagar):

Production has been started 15 years ago with small acreages & volumes and now, It has been extended to 8000 acres in 140 villages. Main territories are, Eturunagaram , Parkal ,Thorrour, Huzurarabad and Jammikunta. Where we planned to transplant around 1000 trees by end of June.2021.

Team members : Warangal : Mr G .Sadanandam (Deputy Production Manager.)

P.Thirupathi reddy (Assistant Production Mnager) A.Venkat raji reddy (Sr.Production Officer)

  1. Sadanandam (Sr.Production Officer)
  2. Komal Reddy (Sr.Production Officer) N.Sudhakar Reddy (Sr.Production Officer)

Karimanagar : Mr. Ravi B. Mahalley(Deputy manager) J.Rakesh (Sr.Production Officer)

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Local employees are enthusiastically participated and Initiated the program by planting of 150 trees.

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