The Economic Times: Rural Strategy Summit 2018

SeedWorks International Pvt Ltd is recognized as the Champion of Rural Markets by The Economic Times and awarded by Shri SP Velumani (Hon’ble Minister of Rural Development, Govt. of TN) for creating excellence in the rural market by setting a yard Stick for its followers in the following aspects:

Innovative Penetration Method, High Brand Value, Strong Brand Recall , Consumer Satisfaction and Customer Service & Quality 

6th annual edition of – The Economic Times Rural Strategy Summit – 2018 was held on the 26th & 27th September in Delhi.

About 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas. For E-commerce giants & start-ups alike, this is where opportunities lie. The Economic Times Rural Strategy Summit 2018 discussed the tasks & prospects marketers face in an era where the rural consumer is becoming bold lately due to their exposure towards literacy, technology & their aspirational buying.

These 2 days witnessed 150+ delegates, comprised of Marketing Heads, Rural Marketing Heads, Rural Banking Heads, Strategy Heads, Business Heads, etc and few CEO’s from SME’s.

The agenda of the summit was conceptualized based on first-hand information researched from practitioners within the B2B and B2C space of varied industries.

Some of the topics covered in the summit were:

  • E-commerce in Rural India – Untapped Potential, Challenges, & Road to Improvement
  • The Rural Renaissance and navigational challenges in the Rural Labyrinth
  • The flipside of going Rural and circumnavigating your way around it – An objective introduction to the challenges in cracking the rural market
  • Roleplay – 5 Actual Rural Influencers and 5 pitches to the Influencer Panchayat
  • Measurable impact of a successful engagement campaign with the community on the toplines
  • Breaking the Pricing Paradox – Success story of a luxury brand in Rural India
  • Retrofitting the existing and Urban and Rural Mechanism to solve the challenges


SeedWorks International was a part of the Panel – Actual Rural Influencers and pitches to the Influencer wherein a scenario-based session was facilitated by Mr. Pradeep Lokhande, Founder & CEO, Rural Relations. It had actual consumers from the hinterlands of India who heard and evaluated the proposition of Hybrid Rice and gave first-hand experience to the audience on what it takes to influence the right people.

The actual consumers included the following members from different parts of the country were:

Dr. Narayan Mudgale, Doctor, State of Karnataka, Kapil Bakki, Youth, State of Telangana, Arun K. Nigam, Pradhan, State of Madhya Pradesh, Awdesh Kumar, Progressive Farmer, State of Uttar Pradesh and Shivam Dubey, Shopkeeper, State of Madhya Pradesh