Session on Building a Digital Enterprise by Mr Antarpreet Singh

Digital Transformation function at SeedWorks organized a session on “Building a Digital Enterprise” by Mr Antarpreet Singh, Director – Digital Learning, ISB. The Session was planned in two parts:

  1. SMP – Senior Management Programme for Leadership Team with focus on strategy
  2. MMP – Middle Management Programme for Mid-level team with focus on operations and approach towards digital

The session was divided into 7 Modules:

  • M 1: Digital Disruptions – Tech as a business – Tech as a business enabler
  • M 2: Artificial Intelligence – demystified (layered AI model)
  • M 3: Digitalization & Digitization in Business (Transformation & Automation)
  • M 4: Setting up a Digital culture (Digital as a lever for business growth)
  • M 5: Digital is a recipe – Experiencing led Digital Designs (CX, EX, PX)
  • M 6: Future of Work
  • M 7: Future skills (Global Competencies)

More than 150 Employees including Interns and Upcoming Management Trainees attended the session. SeedWorks express gratitude to Mr Antarpreet Singh for the insightful session.