SeedWorks take Symbiosis MBA Students for Drone Festival

SeedWorks believes in building ecosystem of co-innovation by involving various communities such as Public, Private, Start-up community and Academia together for a cause. In this aspect, SW hosted a Drone festival for academic purpose. SeedWorks invited 40+ students of MBA programme in Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad to attend 1-day Drone Festival organized by Digital Transformation and Supply Chain functions of the organization.

The festival started with speech from Mr Raja Vadlamani – VP (SCM) giving overview of the agriculture and associated challenges which are being solve by technology today. Later, Mr Pulkit Mittal – GM (Digital Transformation) talked about the precision agriculture and areas where Drones are contributing today. The event also had speaker from Drone Manufacturing sector – who explained the working of the Drones. It included design aspects impacts flights from a few feets to 100+ feets with maintaining stability against air winds.

The event was well appreciated by all the students and faculty of SIBM Hyderabad. SeedWorks looks for many such collaboration with Academic Institutions.