SeedWorks sponsored Ray Talk Webinar Series “Agri Vision – Hear from the Leaders

SeedWorks sponsored Ray Talk Webinar Series under the theme “Agri Vision – Hear from the Leaders”. It was a series of 4 episodes of webinars and the topics were pertinent, engaging as well as informative for the audience.

1.The first episode focused on “Post COVID 19 – Agricultural Electronic Marketplace”. Agricultural Electronic Marketplace industry delivers value to farmers and can help leverage farming, Industry Procurement, Digital Business, and Disruptive Innovation. It will help in redistributing value through the agriculture supply chain in a reliable and transparent manner.

Eminent Speakers were Mr Amith Agarwal Co-Founder and CEO of Agribazaar and Mr Amit Mundawala Co-Founder and Managing Director at Agribazaar. The session was live on Saturday 27th June 2020

2.The second episode focused on “Next Gen Agriculture”- The evolving consumer needs such as quality, health, nutrition, safety, variety and convenience offer a great opportunity to diversify farm production to more remunerative crops like vegetables, fruits, nutri-cereals (millets), pulses, and the derived products like milk and meat. To gain from this opportunity, farmers need access to new knowledge in crop management and efficient linkages to input and output markets.

Eminent Speaker was Mr Siva Kumar – Group Head – Agri and IT Businesses, ITC Limited. The session was live on Saturday 4th July 2020

3.The third episode focused on “Digital Adoption by Farmers”- As the farming industry faces the challenge of feeding a growing global population in ways that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, innovations in analytics and technology platforms are playing an increasingly important role in aiding crop management decisions. Great digital tools are critical to make smallholder value chains more efficient and profitable for farmers but on the other hand business models are typically discovered rather than designed

Eminent Speaker was Mr Paul Voutier- Director – Knowledge and Innovation – Grow Asia, Singapore. The session was live on Saturday 11th July 2020

4.The fourth episode focused on “Micro Irrigation for Agricultural Transformation”- Water is fundamental to agriculture. The sector consumes about 80 percent of the total renewable water resources in India. What this means is that, given its irrigation needs, a scarcity of water will hit farming the hardest.  Agriculture contributes 17 percent to India’s economy and supports the livelihoods of two-thirds of the country’s population. The scarcity of water to meet basic irrigation needs could have devastating and far-reaching consequences. Therefore the growing population and the resultant need to produce more food are in turn further depleting water resources.

Eminent Speakers were Dr. V Praveen Rao -Vice Chancellor PJTSAU Hyderabad, Dr Sangeeta Ladha- Vice President Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

The total combined registrations for all four episodes was around 2000, SeedWorks got good media visibility on Facebook, LinkedIn Pages.