SeedWorks Participation in AgroVision 2021, Lucknow, UP

With the fast-changing economy and increasing impact of WTO on Indian agriculture, the significance of quick information access and exposure to the latest products, technologies and marketing opportunities is of prime importance. The aim of AgroVision 2021 was to allow participants to showcase products, services, schemes and technologies to potential users and farmers. Recognizing the importance of an international level Agriculture event in the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, and the overwhelming response from the industry and the Government of Uttar Pradesh, ICFA, in consultation with all the supporting bodies, organized AgroVision 2021 in Lucknow (India) from December 16 – 18, 2021 at the campus of Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research.

A business meeting of all the essential stakeholders was held on December 16, 2021, to discuss the policy initiatives by India and, importantly, the Uttar Pradesh State in the farm and agro sector. It focused on promoting private investments in farm machinery, production systems, animal husbandry, food processing, storage, marketing, agricultural services and Agri infrastructure.

SeedWorks put up a stall at AgroVision highlighting our products and services to the farmer community.

Highlights of the Program:

  • Total 55 companies had installed their stalls.
  • Total 8+ companies from the Seed industry, including SeedWorks, participated in the program.
  • Some key sponsors were SBI, Union Bank of India, Bayer, TAFE, Sumitomo Chemicals, Dhanuka, Syngenta and Samunnati etc.
  • Some key exhibitors were FMC, Kribhco, Indofil, NFL, Nuziveedu Seeds, Crystal, Corteva, Mahyco etc.
  • There were 674 farmers registrations with SeedWorks

SeedWorks also received the certificate of participation