Pros to Know Winners Keep Supply Chains Afloat in Times of Crisis

SDCE’s 2021Pros To Know winner

The COVID-19 pandemic has put extreme pressure on supply chain professionals to adapt and better prepare their networks for future disruptions. “The call to action for supply chain leaders has been seemingly clear -Survive the current turn and prepare the organization for the New Normal. It is true, not all superheroes wear capes. They look just like you and me. They are the people who go into work, day in and day out, to ensure the supply chain stays afloat in a time of crisis. It is why Supply & Demand Chain Executive is happy to announce the 21st annual Pros to Know winners just one year into the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has never been a time unlike now when the world leaned on supply chain leaders to be a source of knowledge, adapters to change and mentors to future leaders, all while maintaining a level of passion for what they do. These individuals stand in the forefront as Pros to Know.

Mr Sundar Raja Vadlamani

Vice President Supply Chain @ SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd.

SDCE’s 2021Pros To Know winner

As the VP of Supply Chain SeedWorks, Raja is a highly seasoned supply chain executive. Bringing 30+ years of experience to the table, Raja has implemented strategic supply chain plans that reduce costs and improve service and quality levels. He is instrumental in bringing the Lean initiatives and Established Total Quality (Error proofing) as the value streams’ heart line. Raja is a pioneer in bringing in new packing methodologies such as hermetic packing system, thereby increasing the shelf life of seeds.  He has also established challenging product lines by diversification of production geographies across nine states and executing processing infrastructure from concept to commencement across two states by bringing in the highly benchmarked operational excellency. Raja has led the digitalization of operations such as Geo-fencing, Image analytics, Digitalized field inspections, QR codes for plant operations, and mobile application for field inspections. Thanks to Raja, the entire Supply chain of SeedWorks is on the Digital platform. Raja is a sought-after speaker at supply chain events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Raja rapidly responded to health and operation mandates, managing to keep the supply chain staff and facilities safe, and implemented workforce protective measures ranging from worker partitions and PPE requirements. Raja is named SDCE’s 2021Pros To Know winner.