Quarter 1 Review & Preview Meeting (SW VC)

Quarter 1 Review & Preview meeting of SeedWorks Vegetable Crops Team (SW VC) was held on 7th & 8th July via digital mode, in the presence of Mr.Venkatram Vasantavada, MD & CEO, Mr. Rajan Narayanan, CFO, Mr.Ajay Juneja, Business Head – Vegetable Crops ,Mr. Ghanshyam Chandra Singh, Vice President – HR, Mr. Pulkit Mittal , Associate Vice President-Digital Transformation.

As COVID drastically changed the lifestyle, two days fruitful discussion with the team to mitigate this situation deliver positive zeal to whole team. This meeting was a great platform for whole team to share experience, discuss issues concerning the region and challenges encountered, and identify opportunity to pursue to take their goals. At the end of two days discussion, each participant reiterates the commitment they made in overcoming barriers and building bridges to deliver quality outcomes.