Philippines: Davao del Norte farmer wins Department of Agriculture (DA) Award for High-Yield Rice Harvest

Image: Award-winning Davao del Norte farmer William Ticar Dedoroy with his US-88 high-yield rice variety

He harvested 10.2 metric tons (MT) per hectare average yield in his 2.3 hectares land in October last year, a phenomenal yield when the other common varieties would yield 6-7 MT a hectare.

William Ticar Dedoroy knew another episode of high-yielding varieties has come anew. Dedoroy was impressed by the first harvest of the US-88 hybrid variety in the last cropping season ending in October.

As per Dedoroy US 88 is soft and smells good compared to other varieties. It has long grains, which he believes should persuade traders and commercial sellers to buy at higher farm-gate price than other hybrid rice grains. This hybrid is attractive because of the long grains, crystal-like appearance and sweet tasting quality.