Panel Discussion on “Public-Private Partnership Best Practices”

5th International Rice Congress in Singapore

“Aligning Expectations between Public and Private Partners for scale up”

Towards IRRI’s goal to promote/enhance rice production for a better world, IRRI had organized the 5th International Rice Congress (IRC) at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 14-17th October 2018. As part of the conference, IRRI Tech Transfer function arranged for a panel discussion on “Public-Private Partnership Best Practices” and extended a special invitation to me. It was an honor to share the stage along with other distinguished panelists. The focus of the panel discussions was on “Aligning Expectations between Public and Private Partners for scale up”. The panel contained key stakeholders from the Industry, national and international public systems and the donor organization.


Dr. Patrick Stolt, Intertek, Sweden

Dr. Joshua Cobb, IRRI, Philippines

Dr. Santhosh Chellian, Straits Biotech, Singapore

Mr. George Varghese, BASF, Malaysia

Dr. Joel Lales, DA, Philippines

Moderator:Dr. Ajay Panchbhai, IRRI

Concluding Remarks:Dr. Remy Bitoun, IRRI