Organization Announcement – Investment in Field Crops

Dear Colleagues,

New Year wishes to all of you. Wish you and your near and dear one’s a very happy and prosperous new year.

A big THANK YOU for all your efforts and hard work in making US AGRISEEDS a preferred brand with the farmers across the Hybrid Rice, Cotton and Vegetable growing geographies in India.

I would also like to record my appreciation for your commitment to Project SWIFT and happy to share that we are making good progress in meeting the key milestones of SWIFT. One of the recommendations of Project SWIFT was to explore opportunities of participating in crops like Corn, Pearl Millet and Mustard to strengthen our presence in field crops and provide proprietary seed solutions to farmers growing these crops. SeedWorks Leadership team in collaboration with True North team over the past 15 months evaluated in depth crops of Corn, Pearl Millet and Mustard.

On behalf of the SeedWorks leadership team I am pleased to announce that our recommendation of participating in Pearl Millet and Mustard crop has been approved by the Board of SeedWorks.

We are going to invest in these dual crops from January 2019 onwards and I am confident that very quickly we will build an equity in Pearl Millet and Mustard similar to what we enjoy in Hybrid Rice, Cotton and Vegetables.

Congratulations to all of you. I will keep updating on developments as we progress in this new journey.

Thanks once again.
Venkatram Vasantavada