Mr. Vishal Nevatia’ s visit to SeedWorks

SeedWorks was deeply honoured by the visit of Mr. Vishal Nevatia, The Managing Partner of True North on 12th Aug 2019. Mr. Vishal Nevatia plays a crucial role at True North in defining strategies, building teams and managing all stakeholder relationships and is involved in investing in new businesses, as well as in supporting portfolio companies.

It was a poignant occasion for SeedWorks where Mr. Vishal took a small tour of the corporate office and addressed the audience through a townhall. He shared his life experiences and interacted with the employees, spoke on empowering the people to do amazing things at work and ultimately make the world a better place. He congratulated SeedWorks for being certified as the Great Place To Work and  stressed on the need for a concerned action from all stakeholders to find comprehensive, long-term solutions to the multiple challenges faced by the agriculture sector. Mr. Vishal emphasised on how we should create a difference in farmer’s life, gain his trust and embrace digital transformation strategies to keep up with the latest changes in the industry