Mr Pulkit Mittal, AVP – Digital Transformation, presented at Inaugural webinar of the HMA’s Youth Leaders Committee

Mr Pulkit Mittal, Associate Vice President – Digital Transformation at SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd., spoke on ‘Race to Survival, AgriTech to Rescue – Role of Indian Youth in Modern Agribusiness’ in the inaugural webinar of the Youth Leaders Committee of the Hyderabad Management Association.

Mr Mittal presented to the 120+ participants the unique definition of agriculture as specialized activity undertaken by Indian entrepreneur called farmer. He further introduced the term agribusiness and the rising concerns for the population. An idea about the performance of the Food-Agri business companies was also put forth by him. According to the speaker, the agriculture industry is set to disrupt and turn into a high-tech industry. He outlined the evolution of AgTech sector and in detail talked about the focus & investments attracted in past few years. Talking about the impact of COVID-19 on the AgTech, the participants learnt that AgTech has seen good push from Government and private sector.

Mr Mittal emphasized the role of Youth (which is estimated to contribute 34.33% to the India’s population) and laid down series of areas of possible innovation ranging from novel farming methods to smart systems to innovative food, products & services). The use of digital technology in Israel and it’s demonstrated impact was talked about extensively.

Mr. Mittal also emphasized the need to design solutions which engage farming community, scale to large rural community and the need to collaborate with mature agri-business in the evolving government policy regime. He has also highlighted the short-term concerns of farmers’ non-willingness to pay, slow evolving ecosystem of allied infrastructure (telecom, sensors, etc.) and high gestation period in AgTech to shape the business models. He then briefed about how SeedWorks International is working in these harsh times and has transformed itself into a farmer centric digital organization. He discussed at length about the initiatives has the company taken around the farmer and how it is aiding to fulfil the Company’s mission.

The session was followed by a Q&A session where participants came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic. HMA look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guest.