Launch of vegetable seed business

SeedWorks International Private Limited has officially launched the vegetable business on 6th November 2017. Launch event was attended by Board members & SeedWorks team here at Corporate office. Pack display, first order billing and product profile launch were the highlights of the event.

Soon after the launch, vegetable team’s induction and first budget proposal meeting were held on 04th December 2017 at the corporate office. Project Eagle was officially kickstarted during the meeting. Two-day event was a perfect platform for the team to interact and align their thoughts towards the goal of making a successful and sustainable vegetable business.

90% of vegetable team is on board as on 31st January 2018. Brand US Agriseeds™ has reached the market and we as a team have approached customers with a fresh energy and positive outlook. 30 products across various crops are in market and in coming days, we will bring in more products with superior performance.