Dussehra Celebration @ SeedWorks

Dussehra is a festival that celebrates the victory of forces of good over evil and popular all over India. In Telangana state, the colourful and exotic floral festival Bathukamma also happens at the same time which is mainly celebrated by women.

We@SeedWorks glorified the intangible cultural heritage as a part of grandeur celebrations on the eve of Dussehra festival, held on 17th October 2018 at our Vegetable processing facility. The employees and contractual workers from all departments joined hands together in making this event a huge success.

To take care of various arrangements the employees formed into different committees like Food, Pooja, General, Entertainment etc., with a Team Lead in each group, which helped in a nice team building too. The premises decorated with seasonal flowers, mango leaves, rangolis truly enhanced the festive spirit. The day started with a holy pooja for the wellbeing of the company, people, machinery and other infrastructure. All the people gathered together with cool welcome drinks which’s then a trigger to entertainment bash. Games like musical chairs, lemon & spoon made the day magnificent. The fun reminded beautiful childhood days to all the participants. All the ladies made a floral Bathukamma and danced together around it by singing the local songs, which looked like a circle of unity & love. Prizes were distributed to game winners and best workers from various departments. Such recognition truly augmented their motivation and loyalty.

In the afternoon a sumptuous lunch with wide range of varieties from salad to desserts was arranged, which tickled the taste buds. Entertainment began after lunch despite of bellyful delights with some funny indoor activities. Everyone dispersed in the evening by greeting each other the warm festival wishes.