Diwali Celebration at SeedWorks

At SeedWorks the spirit of Diwali celebration turned out to be colourful and everyone enjoyed each moment of the celebration. The team celebrated Diwali on 06 November 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm and as a part of celebration we organized “Ethnic Wear Day” @ Vegetable Plant to celebrate cultural diversity. The celebration was aided by the perfect weather, good food and lots of fun and laughter. There was the spirit of togetherness seen during the festival which boosted the morale of everyone and also helped in creating a more inclusive environment across departments. It induced the feeling of team spirit and joy among employees.

Some fun diwali games and activities were organised to encourage employees to learn new skills, get to know their colleagues and have a little fun such as Rangoli Competition, Dumb Charades, Antakshri, Saree folding etc. which was followed by gift distribution.