• DIGITAL AG INDIA CONFERENCE 2020 was held on 4th February 2020. More than 200 delegates from every Agri domain and 35 best in class Speakers were present to share their insights and success stories. Shri Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Marketing, Civil Supplies, Telangana State was the Chief Guest of conference.
  • The objective of the meeting was to bring together Policy Makers, Governments, Diplomats, Investors, Start Ups, Universities, Academics, Management Gurus, Farm practitioners, NGOs to discuss on role of Digital technology in Agri Business. ISB, ICRISAT, IIT Mandi Catalyst came together as partners ready to support this space.
  • In total four panel discussions happened in the conference. The themes for the panel discussions were: (1) Balanced Natural Resource management with Digital Support (2) Digitization to enhance farmers’ income (3) Agri supply chain management through Digital applications (4) Contribution of Tech/ Start-ups in Agri development.
  • Our Managing Director and CEO, Venkatram Vasantavada was representing the Agri Input Industry in the Panel Discussion “Agri supply chain management through Digital applications”. He spoke about the 3A approach followed by Seedworks in their digital strategy which includes Analytics, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The Strategy is aimed at providing unique competitive advantage to Increase Farmer Profitability and Enhance Value Chain Efficiency while optimizing price. The specific interventions being pursued by SeedWorks in areas of Quality Control and Hybrid Seed Production were explained in detail. He also spoke about collaborative opportunities with all stakeholders in problem solving some of the issues which farmers facing. These initiatives help in improving speed to market, reliability and assuring quality seed to the Indian farmer. The Panel had other illustrious personalities representing different professional fields included Raman Ahuja, Co-Founder, Think Ag; Aleen Mukherjee, COO, NIC; Anil Kumar SG, Founder and CEO, Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services; Raj Shekhar Reddy Seelam, Founder and MD, Sresta Natural Bioproducts- 24 Lettered Mantra.
  • General Manager – Digital Transformation, Pulkit Mittal also participated in the conference.