Development Centre Update

The 4 months Journey of Project SWIFT which started on 22nd September 2017, concluded on 9th February 2018, where we rolled out our Mission, Vision and Goals along with strategic initiatives.

However, we were clear in our mind that executing the strategy and delivering on the goals requires a supporting organization, and the corresponding skills and competencies. Team Swift will ultimately determine the success of Project Swift. In this context, it was important for us to identify the strengths and latent potential within our team and we believe that while we are starting with several strengths – a great set of people, cutting edge products in Rice and Cotton, a well-accepted brand, and strong capabilities to introduce new products,  At the same time, there is always some scope for improvement, and Project Swift was conceptualized to define that path to improvement

We identified an Initiative called Development Centre(DC) which is a highly dependable method for mapping the competencies of our Team members and defining their future development plans which was being facilitated by Avalon Consulting Group.  This was done through a 2-day interaction on December 12th and 13th, where the HR expert from Avalon had one-on-one interactions with the SLT. Once the competency dictionary was identified for SeedWorks as an organization, 2 Day Development Centre was facilitated by HR expert from Avalon in 4groups as below.

Development Center Groups at Dream Valley Resorts, near Chilkur, Hyderabad

  • 8th and 9th January 2018 for SLT
  • 10th and 11 January 2018 for Extended SLT
  • 21st and 22nd February and last phase on 23rd and 24th Feb 2018

The advantages of developmental centre are:

  1. a) Team members actively being involved in identifying themselves
  2. b) Team members requiring to assess and giving feedback on the competencies of fellow participants
  3. c) Feedback is shared on the results and what it means for future developments.

Various activities were conducted which symbolizes key business elements such as Toy making for understanding customer needs, Dress designing for understanding commercial acumen, Coin throwing for risk taking abilities, Greeting card making for creativity, teamwork and grabbing the opportunity and Negotiation skills activity for effectively managing all the stakeholders etc.

Based on the outcome of the Development Center appropriate training programs will be designed to take our competencies to the next level and build our capacity to achieve our ambition of being a leader in our focused crops by 2025.

“The Growth and development of people is the highest calling of Leadership “