CSR Activity

As part of CSR activity on 3rd of March, SeedWorks team visited MPPS, Dundigal.   The program started with speech from different authorities of school. Mr. BVS Anjaneyalu, School complex Head Master, ZPHS, Dundigal, Mr. M.D. Fassudin, Head Master MPPS Dundigal and Mrs. Shaikh Moulabi, School Parent Committee Chairman, MPPS Dundigal appreciated our consistent efforts to improve the infrastructure facilities of primary school that help the children to have the comfortable study environment. Our Managing Director & CEO Mr. Venkatram Vasantavada spoke about the importance of giving back to the society where we operate and also spoke about importance of primary education for children and the challenges faced in terms of infrastructural facilities.  He also discussed about the future plans of providing some help from the SeedWorks employees, volunteering to teach the kids in free time and also facilitating some visit to our labs and research farms to provide some science orientation to kids on agriculture, apart from providing other infrastructure facilities, which are requested by school authorities.  This was followed by fantastic cultural programmes by the school children. We have provided benches, fans, tube lights and electrical cabling for two rooms (last year we provided utensils for mid-day meals).  Finally, the CSR programme ended with planting of trees by SeedWorks team in the school premises.