Certificate Seed Learners Program in association with AgMatrix

The Certificate Seed Learners Training (CSL)Program is an Impactful Certification from SeedWorks International Private Limited in association with AgMatrix to build the talent pipeline for Seed Industry. As part of the ongoing CSL Program, on 13th November, a Training session was conducted by Mr Raja Vadlamani, President- Supply Chain (Field Crops). Thanks to Mr Raja for such an informative & insightful session followed by an evaluation test.

Mr VVS Narayana Chevala, Data Scientist, SeedWorks and Mr Alok Jain, Deputy GM at SeedWorks also guided on the critical topics of Supply Chain Planning, Importance of business analytics in seed SCM, the Complexity of Seed Supply Chain, Agenda & Scope of Seed Supply Chain, Use cases of Data Science & Analytics, Key technical tools & Skills, Data Science Life Cycle, Seed Production, Concept of SPR, Bridge between Research & Supply Chain, Tillering Stage ( Vegetative ), Synchronization of flowering of parental lines=half the success in Seed Production, Supplementary Pollination, commercial breeding and Govt. Regulatory Affairs, Basics of seed, Regulations, Product life cycle and marketing strategies, tools to accelerate the genetic gain, product and trait delivery timeline, germplasm diversity- Cereals, Vegetables and Fruits, the status of seed bills, Amendments, Hybrid varietal release process, EPA NBA, Exim, plant quarantine, Pesticides act etc.

The insights shared in the session were valuable and will benefit participants for future roles in the seed industry. Thanks to Mr Raja Vadlamani, Mr Alok Jain and Mr VVS Narayana for sparing valuable time for such outstanding sessions. Thanks to trainees for their enthusiastic participation.

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