Bohol Rice Forum Shows SeedWorks Hybrid Varieties

To address the issue of rice production productivity and other issues concerning rice, the Department of Agriculture and the Rice Productivity Advocacy Inc. (Rice Board) recently conducted the annual National Rice Technology Forum .The forum tackled agriculture and food security and highlighted the different rice varieties of the various seed companies.SeedWorks Philippines was one of the private companies that joined the event. The company featured its famous brown rice to the participants led by their celebrity Chef “Boy” Logro. SeedWorks encouraged the farmers to plant hybrid rice because of several benefits like a higher yield, more stress resilient, and higher disease resistance, among others. Moreover, the firm plans to impart sustainable farming to Filipino farmers to ensure they acquire a healthy and productive lifestyle.

With these factors and the use of hybrid rice varieties in farming like the popular US-88 from SeedWorks Philippines, it would rationally be easier for the country to finally attain rice self-sufficiency and be healthier in no time, forum participants said.

The US-88 rice variety brings greater yields with premium long and soft grain ideal to be used for brown rice, the company said.Local farmers in Talibon, Bohol expressed their eagerness to continue using the US-88 variety. Farmer cooperators Aristol Daitol and wife, Cristina, said: “A lot of our co-farmers are excited to see the fruit of their labor, which definitely exceeded their expectations.”