SeedWorks Philippines: Success Story

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!  SeedWorks Philippines Team did an excellent job in finding new ways to appropriate our seed offerings. US 88 is one of the most popular hybrid rice seed with high yield and good tolerance to disease, along with high milling recovery. The millers and consumers love it for its long grain and softness when cooked. It is a good option for brown rice as well. SeedWorks Philippines branded US-88 to the end consumer

Panel Discussion on “Public-Private Partnership Best Practices”

5th International Rice Congress in Singapore “Aligning Expectations between Public and Private Partners for scale up” Towards IRRI’s goal to promote/enhance rice production for a better world, IRRI had organized the 5th International Rice Congress (IRC) at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 14-17th October 2018. As part of the conference, IRRI Tech Transfer function arranged for a panel discussion on “Public-Private Partnership Best Practices” and extended a special invitation to me. It was an honor to share the stage along with

Bohol Rice Forum Shows SeedWorks Hybrid Varieties

To address the issue of rice production productivity and other issues concerning rice, the Department of Agriculture and the Rice Productivity Advocacy Inc. (Rice Board) recently conducted the annual National Rice Technology Forum .The forum tackled agriculture and food security and highlighted the different rice varieties of the various seed companies.SeedWorks Philippines was one of the private companies that joined the event. The company featured its famous brown rice to the participants led by their celebrity Chef “Boy” Logro. SeedWorks encouraged

US Agriseeds Paddy

Government urged to build up Hybrid Rice Program

As per reports from Louise Maureen Simeon (The Philippine Star) – October 5, 2018 – 12:00am MANILA, Philippines — Private hybrid rice seeds producer SeedWorks Philippines is urging the government to beef up its hybrid rice program to ensure the supply of Filipinos’ main staple. “Now is a good time to look for new technologies,” SeedWorks President and General Manager Carlos Saplala told The STAR on the side-lines of the Agri link 2018 on Thursday. “With hybrid, you just change

The Enduring Reminder of Ati-Atihan Festival in one of the Major Rice Growing Islands in the Philippines

The Ati-Atihan Festival of Kalibo, Aklan is usually one of the most celebrated festivities that kick off the festival season in the country every year. It is also known as the Mother of All Filipino Festivals as it is the oldest public celebration being observed for over 800 years now, long before all other Filipino festivals began. Ati-Atihan’s significance Today, the Ati-Atihan Festival still serves as a reminder of the importance of bountiful harvests especially in a tropical archipelago like

Philippines: Davao del Norte farmer wins Department of Agriculture (DA) Award for High-Yield Rice Harvest

Image: Award-winning Davao del Norte farmer William Ticar Dedoroy with his US-88 high-yield rice variety He harvested 10.2 metric tons (MT) per hectare average yield in his 2.3 hectares land in October last year, a phenomenal yield when the other common varieties would yield 6-7 MT a hectare. William Ticar Dedoroy knew another episode of high-yielding varieties has come anew. Dedoroy was impressed by the first harvest of the US-88 hybrid variety in the last cropping season ending in October. As per Dedoroy