Rajan Narayanan

Rajan Narayanan

Chief Financial Officer

Rajan Narayanan, the Chief Financial officer (CFO) of SeedWorks Inter-national Private Limited, is a seasoned finance and accounting profes-sional with his education in commerce and certification from the Institute of Cost & works Accountants of India. He possesses more than 30 years of experience in the seed business sector in finance & account function. He is best known indeed industry for establishing systems and practices in finance and accounting function and the remarkable contributions he made in streamlining the finance and accounting systems. Mr. Rajan was awarded more than once as “The Best Employee” by the company in recognition of his contributions. Mr. Rajan has been serving the Seed-Works International as its CFO for the last 11 years. During these years, he successfully carried out numerous BPR activities that included con-verting time consuming and error-prone manual operations into quick and accurate online processes. Certain of the systems and processes he implemented became the benchmarks for others in the industry to emu-late.

Rajan is a very involved and conscientious leader with a responsibility and ownership mindset. He brings innovative ideas and realistic solu-tions that add immense value to the company. He constantly strives to find a resolution through good dialogue. He is an outstanding as a Peo-ple Developer as he guides the team with a purpose and a sense of re-sponsibility.

Rajan is one of the few finance professionals in the country with the ac-umen and expertise in the valuation of seed business enterprises. He is well respected by the fellow finance professionals in the seed industry for the contributions he made and the competencies he possesses. His com-mitment to his work and to the company SeedWorks is highly exempla-ry and worth emulating. Rajan is a thus rare combination of high stand-ard of functional knowledge, excellent interpersonal skills, and an atti-tude of love, compassion, and gratitude.