About SeedWorks

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About SeedWorks

We are a focused Hybrid  Rice, Cotton  and Vegetable seed technology and breeding company dedicated to Provide superior seed solutions by harnessing technology and innovation to create value for all stakeholders in a sustainable manner. We have been in Indian  seed business since 1998.

We take pride in serving every customer with customized seed solutions and technical service solutions they can count on. Our innovative seed solutions provide increased yields, improved disease resistance, and post-harvest processing advantages  by combating  climate change , biotic and abiotic stresses. The growing solutions we offer to our customers are practical and are based on experience, honesty and professionalism. These qualities gives us immense pride, strength as a company, and enormous respect we have for each other and our customers

Our diverse team of passionate breeders ,Agronomists, technologists  and business partners are efficiently stationed at field crops and  vegetable seed epicenters across India and South East Asia.

Our Corporate Headquarter is at  Hyderabad , the seed capital of India  with our principal Operational and Research Centers in Medchal, Bangalore, Raipur, & Philippines with additional facilities at Lucknow, Ghaziabad and 30 trial stations spread across  various agro climatic zones in India and Philippines. We have  pan India business operations in all the key geographic locations and export hybrid rice to South East Asia. We also have a biotech facility in Singapore and the Philippines entity is our 100% subsidiary .

“With us, you can manage the risks that surround you, optimize your yield and plan for prosperity.You can look forward to your farm flourishing for generations to come, while you do your part in feeding the nation”